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Area Referencing and Lettable Determination

Precise measurements with great effect. As approved experts, we ensure accurate and reliable area calculations, because especially in long-term leases, carefulness is needed.

Property owners, investors or private tenant - everyone is dependent on the precise measurement of their property. As an independent and recognized expert for Area Referencing of homes and buildings, our specialists provide the data for your contracts quickly and reliably. Among others, this is made possible with the help of modern laser measurements.

An Area Referencing from Dr. Hesse und Partner stands for:

  • Highest Reliability: For the correctness of the measured areas, we vouch with our good name.
  • Fast results: Even in urgent requests, we will not let you down. The highly efficient analysis solutions of dhp:i also allow the measurement of large properties or portfolios in a short time.
  • We're right where your real estate are: An international network of prestigious partner companies enables us to operate in other countries. From London to Singapore, you can always rely on us.

The calculated area depends crucially on the applied measurement guideline. The different account of lightweight walls, sloping ceilings and window niches are just three of many examples. Through a variety of projects in Germany as well as for international customers abroad, our experts are trained in every possible issue and will advise you at each step. Also take advantage of the area specification, which have been developed by our specialists to support your project.

We deliver our results according to the following standards:


  • DIN277

    The DIN 277 from 2005 is the most commonly used standard for the determination of areas and volumes in residential construction. In general building construction projects, it particularly comes into play when an area referencing is performed in conjunction with several different types of use.
  • GIF

    The GIF policy was developed by the society for real estate and economic research e.V. (Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e.V.) and lastly updated in May 2012. It is usually used for rental area referencing of commercial and office spaces. The GIF policy is defined more explicitly than the DIN277 and makes a statement about whether areas are classified as rental objects or not.
  • WoFIV

    The WoFlV (2003) was enacted by the federal government of Germany and has entered into force since 01.01.2004. It has to be applied in determining the living area after the living room-promotion act. Moreover, it is applied to determine the floor space for lease. This regulation determines how much percentage of the built surface areas belong to living space and how the bases are determined. For example, basements and garages don't belong to the linving space.
  • RICS

    The RICS standard, named after the "Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors", is an Anglo-Saxon norm, in which the principles of building surveys are defined for the needs of real estate valuation for sales or rentals. Measurements based on RICS are primarily used for projects for customers from the US and the UK. In the future, the standard is to be replaced by the IPMS standard.
  • IPMS

    The IPMS (International Property Measurement Standard) is the latest standard to unify area referencing of real estates in international environments. It is a globally standardised basis which enables a comparison of different area referencings in office and commercial properties. The IPMS was developed to measure cross-border real estate portfolios based on standard criteria. Similar to measurements according to RICS, IPMS is primarily used for projects of customers from the US and the UK.
  • BOMA

    The BOMA (created by "Building Owners and Managers Association") is an American standard, which refers to various functions of the building. This standard is usually used for projects in America.


The reference projects are only available in German language.
Please contact us to get further information about our recent assignments.

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