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Plant Construction

High resolution surveying of machinery, plants and components.

Model of a plant
Process plant lower Rhine region

As part of an As-Built documentation, existing machines, plants or production facilities are surveyed within an accuracy of up to 0.05mm, depending on the project requirements. This can be done in the context of gathering existing data structures or planning new plant components.

In general, the result of an As-Built documentation is a point cloud. For this, the object is measured seamlessly by means of 3D laser scanning. By triangulation of the scan points, a polygon model is created for the measured object, which can be converted as part of reverse engineering into a parametric CAD model.

As-Built documentation
As-Built documentation

This 3D model represents the actual state of the object accurately and completely. Based on this, further analysis or planning and calculation activities of new system components can be performed. Reports are created individually depending on the requirements - this can be done in tabular or graphical form. By providing a free viewer, the customer has the ability to navigate through the 3D data on the way as desired.




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