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3D Laserscanning

Precise, digital and comprehensive acquisition of objects of any scale - with us as partner, you can take advantage of the latest measurement methods.

Leica ScanStation P40
Leica ScanStation P40

Through the use of cutting-edge 3D laser scanning, a revolution takes place in the surveying sector. Hereby extensive objects in indoor and outdoor areas can be measured in high resolution and without contact in a minimum of time.

As a result of a laser scanner acquisition, one gets a precise, digital and especially comprehensive image of an object. Out of this, two-dimensional as-built or façade plans, customize sections and floor plans or three-dimensional models or visualizations can be calculated.


  • The benefits of 3D laser scanning are obvious:

    • Very high measurement rates (up to 1000.000 points per second)
    • Contactless measurement method
    • Comprehensive acquisition of three-dimensional objects
    • area-covering
    • Independence from daylight

    Depending on the requirements of a scanning job, we use equipment provided by one of the following companies:

    • Zoller + Fröhlich
    • Leica Geosystems
    • Trimble
  • Laser scanner can be used for almost every application areas where complete object information or environment data has to be acquired. Depending on job and range, laser scanner provide benefits through their high measurement rate, comprehensive, fully geometric data acquisition or the high data density on the object surface.

    Preferred areas of application for 3D laser scanning are:

    • Civil- and building survey projects
    • As-Built documentation of complex structures (e.g. wing assembly, machines and plant constructions)
    • 3D city models
    • Surveying tast in ship building and suppliers industries
    • As-Built data und plans in the road construction

    We don't see 3D laser scanning as a substitute for conventional methods such as measurements with GPS and Total Stations, rather than selective supplement for existing instruments.

    If you are not sure whether the use of a 3D laser scanner comes into consideration for your application, we are looking forward to help you in an advisory capacity.


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